Spring Trends 2019

Spring Trends 2019

What's hanging in your closet this spring? Does your closest need a spring update. Shop The Beauty Alley for the lastest 2019 Spring Trends. Some of the top colors for this spring are yellow, coral, and a light olive. And of course mint it’s one of the most popular spring colors every year. Guess what? We have all these colors in our store? If your like me I have trouble expanding my horizons when it comes to clothing colors. I tend to stick with neutrals (black and grey). Me, along with all other hairdressers in the world (haha). Recently I've branched out and I have learned the key to colors is finding the right tone that goes with you. Take yellow for instance while mustard may look absolutely stunning on your best friend it may wash you out but take a lighter yellow and it brings out your beautiful undertones. Have you ever heard the phrase “Don't knock it until your try it”? That can apply to your wardrobe too. Don’t be afraid to branch out.  Its all about you and how you feel not how your best friend feels or your co workers. If your confident in your outfit it sets the mood for your day! So true right? If your not ready to branch out to new colors you can always accessorize your neutrals with some colorful jewelry or even a cardigan. Check out some of our new arrivals for our latest Spring Collection.

Alli Buchanan,

The Beauty Alley Boutique

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